Ip strategy

Embedded Passive Components

Integrated substrates with embedded passives components such as inductors, capacitors, fuses, and resistors. An integrated substrate solution for “Filter” technology.

Embedded Die Fan-out Package

To offer panel level solution of embedded die packaging with the following characteristics

Panel-Level Single die fan-out packaging

Panel-Level Multi-chips packaging

System in package

Multiple Redistributed Layer to fulfil customer’s design requirement

Thick backside Cu (>50um) for better heat dissipation.

Low profile packaging

Cutting-edge low loss material for high frequency deveices

Introducing the low Df material in ACCESS production line to fulfill customer’s demand on high frequency applications.

Ultra-fine Interposer products

To offer Interposer solution with the following ultra-fine design features

Bump of various surface metal finish with pitch of 100um or below.

Bump Pad 50um or below

Via 35um diameter underneath Bump

Fine-Line with 8/8um

Cavity Substrates

To offer various solutions for Cavity in Substrate using unique Pillar technology possessed by ACCESS.

Copper Bump with Various Surface metal finish

Copper Bump with Pitch 100um or below, with various surface metal finish including OSP, ENEPIG, and IT/Tin Plating Cap.

Advanced Digital IC Applications for FCCSP, FCBGA Coreless Substrate

The following design specifications apply to all layers:

Fine Line 15/15um.

Via diameter, 40um or below

Ultra thin Dielectric layer, 25um or below