Company Mission
Certifications Policy

    ACCESS is the world leader in Coreless organic substrate technology. All of the top mobile RF and digital baseband suppliers are qualifying or has qualified ACCESS for their most demanding substrate applications

    ACCESS was established in 2006 as a Sino-Israeli joint venture. ACCESS is the world leader in advanced organic coreless substrate technology and is the first company in the world to apply VIA POST technology in mass production of coreless substrates. ACCESS has been recognized as “National Innovation Company”, “Privately-owned Hi-Tech Enterprise of Guangdong Province”, and “Enterprise with Intellectual Property Advantage of Zhuhai” by China central or local government, and its R&D Center won the 2nd prize of “Guangdong Science & Technology Award of 2013” for its highly reliable RF Module Coreless Substrate Technology. On July 31st, 2012 the company rebranded itself as Zhuhai Advanced Chip Carriers & Electronic Substrate Solutions Technologies Co., Ltd.

    With world leading VIA POST technology and the know-how of applying this technology in advanced, low cost coreless substrates production, ACCESS is fully equipped to satisfy the need for high density, high efficiency, high speed, low energy applications of today’s advanced packaging designs. The company currently possesses many patents in China, USA, South Korea, and Israel, with numerous patents under application across the world. ACCESS’ success in industrializing VIA POST technology in coreless substrate production has broken the monopoly of leading global IC substrate manufactures, and is seen as a major breakthrough in substrate development for China’s semiconductor industry moving “Made in China” to “Innovated in China”.