Core Process

Embedded Passive

Description: ACCESS has developed thin film capacitor technology for embedded passive or IPD design into substrate. EPS technology has been passed reliability test by customers. The characteristics of EPS technology are better signal integrity, lower signal noise and thinner package size.
Applications: Portable device, graphic and network products

Embedded Active

Description: ACCESS has developed seamless Die to package interconnects solution with patented via-in-frame, an alternative solution of low cost and high performance assembly solution with Access mature panel level substrate, no need wafer bumping, no any laser via, shorten fab to package and time to market, using thicker copper RDL and via or bar-via post .
Applications: Power, Sensor, GaN, Regulator, RF wireless, etc

Any-Shape Any-Layer Bar via post

Description: ACCESS provide minimum > 40um via, and also any shape bar via post in any layer. All via post are with vertical and smooth surface without any dimple, which can bring excellent RF performance and best heat dissipation.
Applications: High Power, High Speed, High Frequency, GaN, CPU, GPU, PMU, IoT, VR, AI, etc

Hybrid Substrate

Description: This is a flexible dielectric material design for high frequency product. It is also suitable for high – density layout design, ACCESS can provide,
Odd or Even Layers
Prepreg and Film Combinations
BoT, BoP, Cu Stumps, Sn μBumps
Solder Mask: Wet, Film, PS & Non PS
Via: Ultra fine, Oblong, Bar, Stacked
OSP, Ni/Au, Thin Ni ENEPIG, ULA Sn

Embedded Trace

Description: ACCESS provides embedded trace technology for low layer counts substrate requirement. It can be applied to 2 ~ 4layers substrate and the current line/space capability for embedded trace technology is 15/15um.

Ultra Thin dielectrics

Description: ACCESS can provides minimum 20um or 25um to all dielectric thickness by unique coreless technology, it is suitable to apply 2 ~ 18 layers.

Bond on Pillar (BoP)

Description: ACCESS provides BoP technology that was developed to meet flip chip substrate’s ultra fine bump pitch requirements; it is available to apply for 90um bump pitch. ACCESS can also provide oblong bump to apply into BoT (Bond on Trace) design to get better assembly yield.

BoP TD (Thin Down)

Description: ACCESS also provides BoP Thin Down technology, there is 7um min Cu height above the solder resist material.